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Native Angels’ Enterprise co-founder confirms sell to JR Dallas Wealth Management

JR Dallas Wealth Management said it had acquired Native Angels’ Enterprise, which includes The Angel Exchange, Native Angel’s Homecare and Native Angel’s total property management.

Bobby Jacobs-Ghaffar, one of the co-founders of Angel Exchange, confirmed Friday that Native Angels’ Enterprise was acquired about a month ago, but could not provide the purchase price before The Robesonian’s deadline on Friday.

“We’re very excited about it. This is great news after everything that has happened with COVID-19,” Jacobs-Ghaffar said.

“We believe in empathy and improving the economies by creating more jobs,” Jr. Dallas CEO Jehangir A. Raja said in a statement. “Unless our communities are working and employed happily, growth is not sustainable. Our team of experts are dedicated to completing our projects and adding values to the communities. Every job that we create, is a dream job for our team. We understand that and strive to make dreams come true.”

Calls made to the company Friday were not returned before deadline. Information about JR Dallas could not be obtained by the Dallas office of the Better Business Bureau or the Office of the Secretary of State in Texas before deadline.

Jacobs-Ghaffar will serve as a local contact for information and economic development for JR Dallas Wealth Management.

“We are excited to close this chapter on Native Angels and open up a new chapter in concert with JR Dallas Wealth Management,” Jacobs-Ghaffar said.

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