JR Dallas Wealth Management

JR Dallas Wealth Management provides a $3MM first mortgage on a residential owner-occupied property in Texas.

In the current situation, the crisis calls for solid responses based on solidarity, cooperation, and responsibility to counter the negative fallout of Covid-19 pandemic on the economy it is vital to Keep helping the community and improving the economy. That’s our best response against crisis created by COVID-19. “Jehangir A Raja, CEO said.”

Providing a loan for an owner-occupied residential property is a bigger challenge today than Pre COVID-19. But despite of all those challenges, JR Dallas Wealth Management was able to close and fund the deal.


JR Dallas Wealth Management is a boutique private equity investment firm relying on the synergies and experience of its shareholders. JRDWM is a leaser in financing commercial real estate throughout the United States. The company finances all types of commercial real estate, multi-family properties, affordable housing, office, retail, and industrial facilities It offers equity and private loan products. Since 2008, the company has structured more than 2.5 billion loans and today maintains a servicing portfolio of more than $1.8 billion.

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