JR Dallas Wealth Management


Investment JR Dallas Wealth Management executes an investment strategy based on disciplined value investing principles and guided by our macro-economic outlook. JR Dallas Wealth Management has identified the following target asset categories as providing the greater risk adjusted cash-on-cash and equity returns in the current economic environment.

Here at JR Dallas Wealth Management, we specialize in private equity investments along with providing our clients the best service possible, Helping them achieve their objectives. Specialty and Niche Lenders Structured Venture Capital Private Equity


JR Dallas Wealth Management invests in small subprime lenders that exhibit major differences from the failed statistically subprime members of the past. Key differences we look for are: reliance on both quantitative and qualitative analysis, a narrower focus resulting in a deeper understanding of the borrower base, a heavily relationship-based lending approach and proactive, hands-on risk management

Structured Venture Capital

Structured Venture Capital combines the cash flow focus of structured finance and trade finance with the high growth potential of venture capital. Structured Venture Capital addresses an un-serviced segment of private equity. JR Dallas Wealth Management believes this segment offers the greatest risk adjusted return potential within the private equity asset class.


PRIVATE EQUITY Macro-economic conditions have created a strong value proposition for small cap private equity investing. Financial system volatility has dampened returns in public equity markets. Debt market returns remain dismal as governments artificially prop up hurting economics. The global debt crisis will eventually result in a massive “deleveraging” effect. Cash flow will once again become the most important determinant of an assets value. And cash flow strong assets will be prized possessions. Over the next 5 years, we project that the best value amongst cash flow strong businesses will be found in the small to mid-size markets where asset prices are very attractive due to lack of available capital to this segment. R Dallas Wealth Management’s private equity investing focuses on recession proof businesses with strong cash flow potential. We invest across all sectors, in companies with niche leadership; strong management teams; proven products/services; scalable business models; high operating margins and established profitability (minimum $1MM EBITDA)


Investment Amount $500K – $5MM Business Characteristics​ Lending business focused on sub-prime borrower Quantitative and qualitative approach to underwriting Hands on approach to risk management Assert secured lending prefered Market niche leader Scalable business model Exceptionally high returns Minimum of $1MM of capital currently deployed Established track record (minimum 2 years)

Structured Venture Capital

Investment Amount $500K – $5MM Business Characteristics​ High growth business currently constrained by working capital or fixed assets Investments funds primarily used to fulfil orders, contracts or established demand Experienced management team (5+ years of experience) Strong sales pipeline with potential for significant growth Proven product/service Market niche lender High margin product/service Company must be generating revenues

Private Equity

Investment Amount $5MM – $50MM Business Characteristics​ Cash flow strong businesses Focused on cost-conscience, ethnic, aging or emerging affluent consumer trends Recession proof business model Experienced management team (5+ years of experience) Proven concept and/or successful location Market niche leader Scalable business model High margin products/services Minimum EBITDA $1MM Established track record (minimum 2 years)